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Whether from right here at home or from around the world, we strive to present the best variety and entertainment programming available.

art inCLINEd
art inCLINEd is a quirky combination of artistic exploration, discussion and play. Host and mixed media artist Heather Cline takes viewers on a visual and material discovery of art - profiling artists in their studio at work, then in her own studio environment for a unique creative encounter. Themes revolve around practice, place and the history of various forms of Art - from authors and guitar maker, to blacksmiths, painters and singer-songwriters. Each episode creates an understanding of the artists' practice and process in turn creating an understanding that links these practices to our daily experiences and surroundings. These personal stories provide insight into how art and art production is tied to and inspired by everyday life.
Hollywood (Saskatchewan)
Saskatchewan has slowly been gaining a reputation as a great place to make movies. As a result a number of Hollywood filmmakers have been bringing their projects here, contributing to the growth of a vibrant and dynamic industry. Today's success is built upon a legacy of filmmaking that began with the birth of Saskatchewan as a province. Hollywood Saskatchewan is a thirteen part documentary series that takes an in-depth, behind the scenes look at several diverse and influential film and television productions produced in the province. You'll also meet some of the many talented people who helped shape and build Saskatchewan's exciting and expanding entertainment industry.
Landscape as Muse
Through the artist`s eye, this beautiful cinematic series examines the inspirational relationship that exists between art and landscape. Filmed in 7 provinces, 2 territories and 2 countries, featuring major Canadian artists like Joe Fafard, Aganetha Dyck, Peter von Tiesenhausen and Edward Burtynsky, Landscape has Muse has claimed two significant Canadian film and television industry awards in the past year.
Neighbors Dog; The
The Neighbor's Dog captures live performances of solo artists, duos and full bands in the intimate and personal space of private homes. The program reveals the up close antics and energy of a variety of artists as they perform in the living rooms and kitchens of real people's houses. The intimate and informal nature of a house concert creates an informal bond between the artists and their audience. The ease at which the artists find themselves in front of their guests is truly unique, and for some, a little nerve racking. The house concert scene is a kaleidoscope of different venues, different experiences and different personalities - and that's only half the fun! Videotaped in front of a live audience, the result is a series that captures true artists doing what they love to do play to an appreciative and attentive audience.
Solo Flight
Solo Flight is an anthology TV series of passionate, personal, sometimes political plays generated by Canada's prolific theatre Fringe Festival scene - drama, comedy, historical, journalistic - most frequently written and performed by 1-creator, at most 2 performers.
Storytellers in Motion
This documentary series examines the success and failures of Canadian indigenous filmmakers and we see a rare glimpse into the many facets of visual storytelling. We get to see the nuts and bolts of aboriginal life in Canada by looking through the lens of the artist and find out why they've made the kinds of films they have and what they learned along the way. We will hear unique and diverse perspectives of the aboriginal community as these very talented storytellers take over the crafting of the indigenous image as we begin to see a new type of cinema emerge. While their roles remain much as they were when their stories were told around a communal fire, their methods have absorbed, adapted, and exploited the ongoing advances in communications technology.

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