About SCN Television

Bluepoint Investments Inc. is a private Canadian-owned company with a management team comprised of well-respected media and industry professionals. Bluepoint was established last year to acquire local and regional broadcast stations and is headed by Chairman and CEO Bruce Claassen, media industry veteran and most recently Chairman of media management company Aegis Media Canada Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN) is Bluepoint's first acquisition and is licensed as an educational broadcaster.

SCN continues to be the designated educational broadcaster for Saskatchewan, and, similar to the CRTC approved models of Access Alberta and Tele-Quebec our business plan is based on replacing government funding with advertising revenues. The program schedule will maintain the educational and cultural component of the SCN licence and the focus on children's content during the daytime while incorporating commercially viable programming into other day parts. 6am-3pm will remain dedicated to commercial-free children's and educational programs while other day parts, from 3pm-12am will contain a mix of educationally and culturally themed programming as well as popular programming which will attract advertising revenues. The new SCN Prime Time will feature not only educational and cultural programming but will also include blockbuster movies and American network drama, comedy and factual programming with built-in audience appeal. Saskatchewan is a market where demand often exceeds supply and we are confident that SCN can play a part in national advertising plans for Saskatchewan. For regional Saskatchewan advertisers SCN will be a known entity, but not a proven commercial success. We are confident that regional advertisers will be encouraged to support SCN given the overwhelming encouragement and support that has been shown since the announcement of Bluepoint's acquisition of SCN.

SCN is a cable to satellite service with mandatory carriage in the province. The station is carried by 260 cable and DTH services including Bell TV and Shaw Direct. Through these providers, SCN is available in every corner of the province and also across Canada via satellite on Bell TV and Shaw Direct.

The Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN) began operations in May 1991 as a satellite to cable public educational television network, which provided commercial-free educational programming to the people of Saskatchewan. In March 2010 the Saskatchewan government announced its intention to terminate funding for SCN and close its operations by the end of June 2010 with the exception of the distance learning programs which were to be transferred to SaskTel. Since its' inception, SCN has worked closely with Canada' s other educational broadcasters in commissioning content and also relied on the provincial film and television production industry to produce local and regional content. For a variety of reasons, SCN did not ever produce in-house programming. This production model has served SCN and the Saskatchewan production community very well, allowing SCN to commission or take part in excess of 700 Saskatchewan based projects, ranging from documentary to drama and from vignettes to series and has participated in over $100M worth of production produced in the province.